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CorrosionX is a rust and corrosion inhibitor. If not stopped, rust and corrosion can harm our homes and all types of equipment we use regularly: agricultural, automotive, aviation, electrical, marine, shop, and sporting as well as commercial and industrial. Protect equipment with CorrosionX, a superior product for corrosion and rust prevention.

In addition to complete protection for home, business, shops, and sporting equipment, CorrosionX also delivers extreme-pressure lubricating properties. This space-age product is one tough lubricant, an unbeatable penetrant, and dielectric. Most important, it's anti-corrosive.

RejeX provides protection for cars, trucks, boats, RVs, airplanes, and motorcycles. An advanced polymer wax replacement, RejeX protects and beautifies painted metal, glass, acrylic, gel-coat, fiberglass, glossy plastic and polished metal surfaces. Nothing Sticks but the Shine So Slick that Bugs Can't Stick!

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