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78002-sc - MaxWax 12 oz Aerosol - Case Pack of 12

An Exciting Product: MaxWax is a unique, synthetic wax-barrier coating that provides maximum protection of all metals and is effective in temperatures ranging from -60°F (-50°C) to over 390°F (200°C). It dries to a smooth, non-tacky, waxy film that remains pliable throughout its full operating range. It is resilient and bends with any movement of the coated surface, will not crack under stress, and maintains its protective coat intact.

Fast Drying: MaxWax should be sprayed on to a film thickness of 2 to 3 mils for uncovered outdoor storage of equipment. It dries in 8 to 24 hours, depending on ambient temperature and humidity. Unlike usual wax coatings, it will not harden, crack, or lose flexibility, even in sub-zero temperatures. What's more, it's a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) that provides added rust or corrosion protection when the product is applied to confined areas such as the inside of cabinets or other enclosures. This special vapor forms an invisible, monomolecular coating that extends protection even where the wax coating cannot reach or is not desired, such as on electrical switches or mechanisms.

Characteristics: Non-Toxic: MaxWax contains no chromates, nitrites, nitrates, or heavy-metal compounds.

Biodegradable: The product is organically-based and poses no waste disposal problems.

Concentrated: Excessive amounts of MaxWax are unnecessary, making it less expensive than other barrier coatings.

MaxWax with VCI is a tough, durable wax coating with a long-lasting, resilient barrier!

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