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90102 - CorrosionX 16 oz. aerosol

CorrosionX is the best lubricant you can use for maritime applications. It does not attract dust, outperforms lubricants fortified with Teflon* (Polytetrafluoroethylene [PTFE]), and due to its unique polar bonding technology, CorrosionX repels water and doesn't dissipate quickly or wash off in harsh saltwater environments. Use CorrosionX on throttle cables, steering mechanisms, seat swivels, locks, travelers, winches, pulleys, furling systems, tracks and on any other gear that would benefit from lubrication. CorrosionX actively seeks metal with which to bond. It repels almost everything to protect the metal it's bonded to, including primers, fillers, and paints as well as the usual "bad guys" found in maritime applications such as moisture, salt, etc.

CorrosionX won't chemically react with paints and primers, but it will prevent them from bonding to the metal, which negates the purpose of paint. To paint over a surface that's been treated with CorrosionX, strip off the CorrosionX using a strong solvent like lacquer thinner or M.E.K. (methyl ethyl ketone).

Due to its extraordinary dielectric properties, CorrosionX should be applied to all battery terminals, terminal strips, ignition switches, electrical connectors, circuit breakers, fuse holders, light switches, light sockets, electrical plugs, blower motors, and fans to protect them from corrosion, extend their life, and keep them working reliably. Although CorrosionX is inherently nonflammable, the environmentally-friendly propellant used in the aerosol cans is flammable. Please use caution when applying to electrical equipment. Before applying, make sure there is no current running though the system and that electrical motors are disconnected.

*Teflon is a registered trademark of I.E. DuPont de Nemours & Co., Inc.

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