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What our customers say about CorrosionX. . .

These testimonials are from satisfied customers who have purchased CorrosionX products from us. We hope we'll be adding your comments to the top of this list soon!

I used your product on an RC car and 15 minutes later I drove it for an hour underwater with no problems. Perfect just friggin' perfect!Shane T., 09/01/15 (CorrosionX & CorrosionX HD)

I've been using RejeX for over 10 years and it recently saved the paint job on BMW. My car was parked at an airport where a road crew decided to repair asphalt while I was gone, covering my car in a cloud of some kind of sealant chemical. When I picked up my car, the chemical had hardened onto the paint, glass, and plastic and felt like sandpaper. Normal washing wouldn't touch it. A liberal application of RejeX and some buffing completely dissolved the reside with no scratching. The other huge advantage was the RejeX doesn't stain black plastic trim, so I could use liberal amounts in the removal process without having to worry about staining.Jerry H., 05/13/14 (RejeX)

Hear this stuff is great for fishing reels. Going to give it a try. Thanks.Paul C., 04/10/14 (ReelX)

Great product, can't funtion without it!Jeff E., 12/28/13 (CorrosionX for Guns)

This is an awesome product that I use often.Maximion F., 04/19/13 (CorrosionX)

I have been using CorrosionX and ReelX for the past few years on the job and hobbies. Best lubricants and rust preventative I ever used. Saves me time, money, and makes life a little easier. Thanks you.Joseph B., 01/31/13 (ReelX & SpeedX)

Thanks again, and by the way your product is amazing, the best on the planet.Ricard D., 11/28/12 (CorrosionX & CorrosionX HD)

Good Stuff - works as advertised!!!L. B., 10/08/12 (RejeX)

I love the CorrosionX for all my firearms.Scott P., 12/25/11 (CorrosionX for Guns)

Good product - - it works!!Donald W., 01/28/11 (CorrosionX Aviation)

Your product leaves my cars finish clear and spotless. No more haze! My next door neighbor loaned me his bottle.Thomas B., 03/21/10 (SpeedX & RejeX)

I have been using RejeX for a number of years and love the product.Mike K., 03/07/10 (SpeedX, CorrosionX Aviation, & RejeX)

Terrific product! Have used it for many years on my cars and moterhome, and lawn equipment!Howard R., 02/22/10 (CorrosionX & RejeX)

I have used RejeX before and just finished the bottle, so I now need another as this is the finest coating I have ever used. It outperforms and outlasts every other product I have used since 1949. Thank you for coming up with this.Jerry S., 12/09/09 (RejeX)

I believe this is the best product for marine applications.John W., 04/27/09 (CorrosionX HD)

Astounding results from this product.William S., 03/01/09 (CorrosionX)

I recently used CorrosionX on an outboard marine engine that had been sitting for a while and was completely frozen up. We had tried another product with no success, but within 15 minutes after spraying CorrosionX into the spark plug holes, we were able to turn the motor a little. About 15 minutes later, after working it in, we were actually able to start the motor! The following day were able to go for a ride. Your product is truly incredible. I just sent in an order so that I can try some of your other products. Thanks for a great product!Bill C., 12/29/08 (CorrosionX)

I was reading your blurb on the link from CorrosionX and thought I'd tell you about one way I use CorrosionX. In August of 2006 I bought a new Dodge diesel truck that had two batteries. After about a month I noticed the tops of both batteries were just covered with a white corrosion. Not interested in getting into a lot of work (I'm retired), I just sprayed CorrosionX over the entire tops of both batteries. The corrosion just disappeared and to this day, with no further treatment, they still look like brand new batteries. Also, I can attest to the table saw use—it works better than anything I've tried.Steve O., 12/14/08 (CorrosionX)

I've been using your products for over three years, and am very pleased with the results.Archie R., 10/29/08 (ReelX & RejeX)

I purchased a 12-oz. bottle of RejeX after reading the review in Boating Magazine. I tried it on a "test area" on my boat and loved the results so I'm getting another!Mark D., 09/06/08 (RejeX)

Your CorrosionX HD product is fantastic! The "creeping" factor is huge when used in automotive applications or anywhere that's hard to reach or has lots of cracks & crevasses.Thank you. Travis M., 08/12/08 (CorrosionX HD)

CorrosionX is the best product of its type I have ever used! I showed it to my Honda marine mechanic and instead of drilling out lower unit bolts, he is now able to simply remove them. I have used it on wheel lug nuts with the same results.Jean C., 07/22/08 (CorrosionX & MaxWax)

Great product! I use it regularly to protect my outboard and inboard engines from saltwater corrosion. I see no signs of any corrosion in two years.Thank you. Jeff H., 05/21/07 (CorrosionX)

Leon: I have used some of the bottle that I purchased, and couldn't be happier with your recommendation to use RejeX for my Vette. I am getting ready to "summer-ize" my Wrangler and I plan to use RejeX instead of the wax that I used to use. I am very happy with the way RejeX wipes on and wipes off. It is holding up better than I expected—you can count me as a satisfied repeat customer. Thanks again,Joseph C., 01/19/07 (RejeX)

Your product was great! I used it on the outdrives of my offshore boat as well as on fire department equipment and my new Jeep Commander 4x4. People have shown much interest. When I order more, I will show it to our apparatus crew as well as to people at the marina. Thanks again! —Bruno B., 01/10/07 (MaxWax)

CorrosionX and SpeedX are the BEST PRODUCTS of their type I have ever used. Thank you! Jean C., 10/09/06 (ReelX, CorrosionX, & SpeedX)

Because I just received my product, I haven't used it that long. Based on what I have used so far, it's incredible.Rob L., 04/17/06 (CorrosionX, CorrosionX HD, & ReelX)

Great product!Roger B., 04/17/06 (CorrosionX, CorrosionX Aviation, & CorrosionX for Guns)

So far, CorrosionX has performed up to my expectations. I would recommend the product to others.Nate R., 04/16/06 (CorrosionX)

We purchased a CorrosionX product thinking it would work well on the fronts of our truck and travel trailer to facilitate bug and road debris cleanup after traveling. We just started camping for this season and recently applied the RejeX to the fronts of the vehicles. We found that the product works great and makes cleaning effortless. The areas on the vehicles where we applied it cleaned up with a damp cloth—and without scrubbing! We recommend this product to anyone with a similar need or anyone interested in effortless cleaning. Fellow campers have asked us how RejeX works and we were very proud to share our secret.Myron and Lois T., 04/10/06 (RejeX)

I've tried it on some tools and on a rusted iron garden hook for the wind chime. I have also used CorrosionX for Guns, too. So far it seems to work as advertised.Jack F., 03/24/06 (CorrosionX & CorrosionX for Guns)

I am in the U.S. Coast Guard. We use CorrosionX for Guns on our guns, and it works great. I'm buying some for use around the house. —Rusty B., 03/22/06 (CorrosionX Aviation, SpeedX, & CorrosionX for Guns)

I tell everyone about CorrosionX. I like it very much because it's easy to use and to clean up. So far, it seems to be very good and dependable. We use it at work, and I tell my coworkers I bought some for home use. I strongly recommend it.Rusty B., 03/22/06 (CorrosionX Aviation, SpeedX, & CorrosionX for Guns)

I love the stuff! I use it on my gun, fishing gear, boat, and electronics. It works fast.Glenn P., 03/13/06 (CorrosionX & ReelX)

It's a great product for marine applications and a host of others. I am very happy with the product. Thanks!Doug Q., 03/13/06 (CorrosionX HD)

CorrosionX is a very good product. It was recommended to me, and I will recommend it to others.Marcus H. (CorrosionX)

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