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How CorrosionX Works

Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC) Technology

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Sealants can trap moisture and allow corrosion to continue.

Sealants can trap moisture and
allow corrosion to continue.

Fluid Thin Film Coating Products:

CorrosionX Aviation
CorrosionX Heavy Duty
CorrosionX for Guns

WHAT IT IS AND HOW IT WORKS—Even though CorrosionX Fluid Thin Film products may look and feel like ordinary oil, there's nothing ordinary about them. They are made up of more than a dozen different components, each designed to stop and prevent corrosion, creep, penetrate, lubricate, and displace moisture.

FLUID THIN FILM COATING DEFINED—Corrosion Technologies Corporation coined the term "Fluid Thin Film Coating" to describe the basic technology found in anti-corrosion products and to distinguish them from barrier coatings or wax-based sealants commonly used as corrosion inhibitors. They are not sealants, contain no wax, tar, silicone, or solids and leave no sticky, gummy mess behind. Polar Bonding with metal surfaces makes CorrosionX cling like a magnet and resist being washed away. The film creeps and spreads until it reaches a minimum thickness of .00003".

CONTROLLING THE CORROSION PROCESS—A corrosion cell is similar to a tiny battery with an anode, cathode, electrolyte, and path of current. Removing any one of these elements can shut down the process; FTFC actually removes two: it displaces the electrolyte and leaves an ultra-thin dielectric film that blocks the path of current. Because of the film's thickness, it won't interfere with circuitry.

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